quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Os genes e as emoções

Diz António Damásio:

[...] The desire of the genes to remain and to be passed on. What would the genes do to create an organism that would be the most effective to pass on themselves? And the answer is that EMOTIONS become very very high with all of these things like reward and punishment mechanisms and drives and motivations because emotions are that sort of automatic intelligence that would guide an organism to do the most conveniente thing for that organism to survive during the time that its genoma (?) would allow it to survive.

So very early on, emotion must have been one of the very first things to develop. So we are really dealing with something that is now part and parcel (?) of our lives but has been here for a long long time.

[...] And then we have to deal with this very old system [...] and then we have to layer on top of it this new thing that we have evolved: cultures and civilizations that will allow us to be more pointed (?) and create the best possible behaviour.

[...] I think that what evolution gave us, very rapidly, was different kinds of processes, that were all of the "emotion" flavour and they made life more possible for a longer period...

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